Adult Medical Care and Physicals

How Often Should Adults Get a Physical?


Annual wellness visits can help spot potential problems before they get serious. Plus, it’s important to keep track of key measurements over time. How often you need a physical generally depends on your age and your overall health. If you are young and healthy you may need an occasional physical. However if you are older with multiple medical conditions and multiple medications you generally will need an annual physical. Doctor Whiteley suggests the following schedule for physicals:

Ages 18 to 21 every 3 years

Ages 22 to 40 every 2 years

Ages 40 to 64 ever 1 to 2 years

Over 65 years old every 1 year

*Remember no matter what your age if you have multiple medical problems and you take multiple medications an annual physical is a good idea! If you smoke or have other high risk factors for certain conditions, Dr. Whiteley suggests you come in more often. And if you’re one of the 144 million Americans living with one or more chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or depression, work with Dr. Whiteley to create a custom check-up schedule. Routine health exams and blood tests establish your unique health baseline. We’re all a little different, and what’s normal for you is not necessarily what’s normal for others. So having your own track record with a regular physical including blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels will help you quickly spot any early warning signs. Doctor Whiteley can determine your best checkup and screening schedule.

If you are having health problems or just need wellness care Dr. Whiteley encourages you to schedule an appointment to have your case evaluated and arrangements can be made to customize your care for your personal needs.