Dr. Whiteley has been practicing medicine since 1978. He grew up in the Houston area and attended Spring Woods Senior High. He later attended the University of Houston and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology with honors. He studied medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center- Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine where he graduated 1st in his medical school class with top honors. For being top graduate in his medical school class he was awarded the Upjohn award for academic excellence presented by Speaker of the House of Representative James Wright. Dr. Whiteley  became a United States Air Force flight surgeon after additional studies at the School for Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas. He served as Chief of Flight Medicine at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas until discharge in 1983. His duties while in the Air Force included providing general medical care for pilots and their families and flying weekly with pilots to assure medical fitness for duty in the flying environment. His flying experience including flying both the T-37 and T-38 jet airplanes. His medical duties included the general medical care for pilots, air traffic controllers and their families. As Chief of Flight Medicine, Dr. Whiteley received both the Air Force Outstanding Unit award and the Air Force Commendation medal. After his honorable discharge from the Air Force, Dr. Whiteley opened his family medical practice in Tomball in 1984. He has served as past chief of family practice and past chief of staff at Tomball Regional Medical Center.  Dr. Whiteley is an experienced physician with many years of clinical practice taking care of a wide range of patients from pediatric to geriatric patients. His practice knowledge and interest includes asthma and chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure and heart disease, hormonal conditions such as diabetes and thyroid conditions,  chronic musculoskeletal problems including chronic painful conditions of the spine and arthritis. Dr. Whiteley believes patients with chronic pain should be treated with compassion and care. Dr. Whiteley hopes you will make Tomball Familicare you and your family‚Äôs medical home.