Low Testosterone in Men

There’s a good reason guys have lots of energy in their youth and high sex drive in their 20’s. Their testosterone levels are at their peak. From there, though, testosterone levels slowly decrease. After age 30 a man’s testosterone levels naturally decline by about 1% per year. The natural gradual decline goes unnoticed in many men until it reaches a low level then the symptoms of low testosterone may appear. 

Although testosterone levels never reach near zero (as estrogen levels do in women during menopause), low testosterone may cause men to experience symptoms such as fatigue, low sex drive, depression, loss of concentration, low motivation to remain active, weakness and loss of muscle mass, and erection problems. Men with low testosterone can even develop weak bones a condition called osteoporosis.

While low testosterone is more common in older men, it can occur in younger men as well. Many men rationalize their symptoms of low testosterone by just telling themselves “oh well I’m just getting old”. This is unfortunate because low testosterone is a treatable condition. Fortunately, all of the causes of low testosterone in young and older men alike are treatable, so if you experience symptoms of low testosterone at any age, there’s no reason to ignore it.

If you are having problems with symptoms of low testosterone or have been previously diagnosed with low testosterone Dr. Whiteley encourages you to schedule an appointment to have your case evaluated and arrangements can be made to customize your care for your personal needs.